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What broke your heart as a man?

Do you ache for Her?

Do you want to heal this broken-hearted longing?

You have come to the right place.

What do you have to lose?

Join us for a full immersion workshop to explore how She broke your heart. Step through the doorway to ​Mature Male Integration through penetrative inquiry, healing processes, and breakthrough discoveries.

Learn to live fully as a man … Vibrant, Creative, Fierce, Tender, Soulful, Compassionate, Deeply Loving, ​and in Right Relationship with the Feminine.

Prescott Arizona

October 3-6, 2024

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Integrating the Feminine with the Deep Masculine

a message from Dene Maria Sebastiana

Soon, men will be on the mountain in Arizona. Each of us here has chosen to follow this non-rational path ​... often to a mountain, or a desert, or some place outside the norm, and almost always uncomfortable. ​We follow it for growth, for change, often in desperation. We continue to trust that our souls are smarter ​than our egos.

Both George Daranyi & I have each been in menswork for more than 35 years. Looking at this work ​through a variety of lenses and through multiple dimensions, we have distilled a couple of hard truths:

  • First, the only real question to ask a man in deep process is: “What broke your heart?”
  • Second, the doorway to mature male integration requires a penetrative inquiry into both the ​masculine and feminine archetypes within us.

Many of us who have done significant menswork have healed much on our masculine/father side. But the ​exploration and challenge that we offer here is real depth work on the feminine/mother side for men, as ​well. Not many places offer both – and the very notion of looking at our mother wounds scares most men, ​and rightfully so. BUT NOT US!

When the feminine energies of care, compassion, and oneness have integrated into men's hearts & souls, ​minds & bodies, the world may finally know peace. BUT NOT BEFORE!

When men take the gifts garnered here across the threshold of their homes - consciously, clearly, and ​graciously facing wives, daughters, mothers, and sisters - and then across the threshold of the ​institutional worlds in which men live - then we all will finally know how to honor Women, Mother Earth, ​and the Sacred Feminine on this planet.

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Dusty Spitler

Woman Within 1998; H.E.R. 1999; ​Couples Retreat 2000; Staffed ​Couples Retreats; Facilitated E-​Circles; Personal One-on-One ​Therapy 20 years; Domestic Violence ​Survivor; Support husband, Dee ​Spitler, for 27 years in MKP, Couples ​Retreats, Boys to Men & Desert ​Wisdom, including sharing our ​Sleeping Dog Ranch for retreats. ​Certified nationally as an Equine ​Specialist for Mental Health Learning; ​OK Corral Series for Returning ​Veterans with PTSD; Masterson ​Method Equine Specialist bodywork. M​y passion now is to help humans h​eal through horses

George Daranyi

Attorney, Poet, Full Leader Emeritus ​and former Chairman of The ManKind ​Project, workshop facilitator, ​intervention coordinator. George has ​worked with thousands of men (and ​women) over the past 30 plus years in ​various settings. His Mission: “To ​alleviate suffering wherever ​encountered, by helping heal the ​hearts of men and women”.

Dene Maria Sebastiana

A native New Yorker, an author, ​facilitator, master coach, and elder. He ​is the former Executive Director of ​The ManKind Project, an international ​men’s educational and training ​organization and network, and a ​current Leader Emeritus. Dene has ​initiated open men’s circles in many ​communities throughout the US and ​Mexico for more than thirty-five years. ​From the very beginning of their ​relationship, Dene & his Beloved ​Mignon committed themselves to this ​inner depth work. Today, they ​celebrate a Sacred Marriage of 36 ​years, and bring their experience, ​skills, and soulful loving to this ​workshop.

Mignon Mead Shikaley

I've spent 50+ years committed to my ​own healing and evolution. Married to ​Dene Maria Sebastiana for 36 years, ​we have navigated what it takes ​individually and together to be in ​healthy relationship with self and ​others. I'm deeply grateful that our two ​sons have come to know who they are ​and are fearless, loving and clear. What ​moves me is cooking, cats, gardening, ​meditation and just plain Being.

Evan Daily

With over 30 years of Men’s work ​with both men and women across the ​planet, Evan has made his life’s work ​about reclaiming the Sacred ​Masculine. He believes the heart of ​the Sacred Masculine is in a healthy, ​balanced relationship to the Sacred ​Feminine in every area of a mature ​man’s life. Ev believes if planetary ​healing is to be realized, men must ​answer the call to meet the return of ​the Sacred Feminine with a whole ​hearted commitment to marry our ​strength with heart, our vision with ​excellence and our power with Spirit.

Jim Mulenos

Tech guy, Got in lots of trouble ​growing up. Avid outdoor and sports ​enthusiast; gifted beyond belief to ​have found his mate of 46-years; ​father to an incredible young woman ​who chose an equally incredible young ​man; in the same successful business ​for 37 years, his family, followed by ​those he loves are the center of his ​universe. A certified co-leader in the ​Mankind Project USA, that "Who Do ​You Serve" question never stopped ​ringing in his ears. He remembers ​growing up poor and excluded. His ​mission is about inclusion for all; ​nobody gets left behind. And he's still ​getting in trouble.

Vince Chafin

With two decades of dedication in ​men's work, Vince has served as a ​Trainer, Instructor, Facilitator, Leader, ​and Speaker for esteemed ​organizations such as Sacred Sons ​and the ManKind Project. Synthesizing ​modalities such as Gestalt, Family ​Systems, Somatic/Bioenergetic ​therapies, IMAGO, NLP, Family ​Constellation, Clean Language and ​Shadow Work, Vince's influence has ​reached Indigenous communities at ​Pine Ridge S.D. and several countries ​in Western Europe, including ​Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, ​Belgium, Denmark, and Canada, where ​he has been invited to lead trainings ​and share his knowledge and ​experience.

Dee Spitler

Co-founder with partner Dusty, of ​Sleeping Dog Ranch. Certified Co-​Leader in the ManKind Project ​International. Board Member of ​Spitler School Cambodia. Founding ​Board Member of Boys-2-Men ​Mentoring, Northern Arizona, ret., ​Entrepreneur, International Project ​Manager, ret., Land Steward and ​Developer. Prescott, AZ. Mission: "I ​create a community in harmony, by ​living and encouraging lives of ​passion and purpose."

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"This workshop pushed me to open ​to myself and others. I was ​uncomfortable at times, but it was so ​well worth it."

"A precious opportunity to explore ​the yin/yang within me. Exploration ​of the ‘feminine’ was so valuable and ​so needed."

"I have felt a hole in my soul since ​stepping away from men’s work 10 ​years ago. Words cannot express my ​gratitude for this invitation to return. ​I glimpsed an oasis on my horizon."

“I learned where, what, and how the ​Feminine lives in me.”

“Men’s work without the feminine is ​out of balance ... we need to evolve.”

At this event, I felt for the first time ​that the universe is safe, warm, ​loving, and compassionate. Thanks ​for helping me find the sacred ​feminine.”

"Meditation on the ‘feminine’ was ​pure gold."

“There is a certain comfort in ​witnessing the facilitation staff ​display their vulnerabilities along ​with the participants. It somehow ​levels the field for me as we are all ​equal.”

“This workshop is a poignant ​reflection on the masculine and ​feminine.”

“I feel whole, integrated, inspired ... I ​loved it all !!!”


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$ 1595

Includes Workshop & Meals. ​Camp/RV onsite or provide ​your own Hotel / AIR-BNB ​nearby.


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Deposit, payments & ​cancellations


All payments are made thru our registration payment portal


You may hold your spot in this workshop by paying a $300.00 non-refundable deposit when you register. We highly ​recommend this option as this workshop may sell out months in advance.


Please note that there will be no refunds or discounts for arriving late, leaving early, flight cancellations, travel delays, ​illness or other personal reason or emergency. If you cancel your participation in this workshop for any reason, the ​cancellation policy will apply, with no exceptions. We wish we could compensate people for unforeseen ​circumstances (injury, family emergency, etc.), but we have already incurred significant costs in preparing for the ​event. If you cancel 30-days or less prior to this workshop start date you will be given a five-day grace period in order ​to locate another eligible participant who can take your place. He must meet the eligibility criteria in order to ​participate and be approved by the Desert Wisdom staff as a suitable substitution for you. If, after five days no suitable ​substitute participant is enrolled, your spot will be vacated for another participant with no refund to you. This ​substitution policy is not available for cancellations less than 30-days from this workshop start date. Your spot will be ​made available to a waiting list enrollee.


Enrollment is limited. As the workshop fills a waiting list will be created on a first come first serve basis. Your non-​refundable deposit is required for inclusion on the waiting list. That deposit will be applied toward the next regularly ​scheduled Desert Wisdom Workshop event if the waiting list enrollee is not selected for the current Desert Wisdom ​Workshop.


To cancel your registration, send an email stating that you wish to cancel to: JimMulenos@gmail.com. We will ​acknowledge your cancellation within 2-business days. If you do not hear back from us, contact one of us directly. You ​may cancel your registration up until 30-days prior to the workshop and receive a full refund of any monies paid, less ​the non-refundable deposit. Any cancellations received less than 30-days prior to start of workshop will not be ​refunded or credited for any reason. Please note: If you are cancelling a workshop or retreat that you have previously ​rolled forward, the above cancellation policy does not apply.


In the unlikely event that we are forced or elect to cancel this workshop due to unforeseen circumstances, we will ​refund to you all deposits and payments you have paid, minus merchant fees. We cannot however compensate you ​for airfare or travel costs incurred. Please check with us prior to booking your flight to ensure that we have met the ​minimum number of registrations to hold the training. We highly recommend you purchase travel insurance in order to ​cover these risks.